Welcome to Tourism and Hospitality Marketing. This is an elementary course in the global program (GP) and mainly targets second-year students who are beginning to learn basic marketing skills and strategies.

As the marketing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, the marketing of tourism and hospitality has become a multidimensional, collaborative venture, driven by technological change and the insatiable appetite of consumers for authentic co-created experiences. Against this general background, this course aims to provide an up-to-date and highly applied learning experience for students. To deepen students’ understanding of tourism and hospitality, this course includes two parts: 1) Marketing’s 4Ps (product, price, place, and promotion), scheduled for sessions 2–8; and 2) Current trends in tourism and hospitality marketing, scheduled for sessions 9–14. Each session is structured by a lecture and a case study. All students are required to read the case before joining the class.