Welcome to Customer Relationship Management. This is a medium level course in the global program (GP) and mainly targets second- and third-year students who have already learned the basic marketing knowledge.

One of marketing innovations in the past two decades is customer relationship management (CRM). Travel and tourism companies and organizations have been among the innovators and early adopters of Internet marketing and CRM. For example, American Airlines was the innovator who introduced frequent flyer program in 1981 which was the beginning of loyalty program widely applied in various industries currently, and Ritz Carlton was awarded one of the early Malcolm Baldridge awards for innovation in customer service delivery in 1987. All efforts made by companies are for a stable and long-term relationship with customers.

Based on the general background, this course is organized into three parts – customer relationship management strategies in the hospitality, airline and tourism industry. To deepen the students’ understanding about customer relationship management, this course employs five cases as teaching materials, and encourages group discussions during the class.